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Canadian Haidong Gumdo Association is the governing body that oversees the development of the art in Canada.  The association provides the following functions:

  • Issues Haidong Gumdo teaching licenses and instructor certificates
  • Protects the trademark (‘Haidong Gumdo’) and provides commercial license
  • Provides the teaching system to member schools
  • Sanctions national seminars and competitions
  • Organizes the national teams to compete in international events
  • Issues black belt certificates

The association is administered by the following members.

President Won Kap ChungWon Kap Chung – President

Grandmaster Won Kap Chung is one of the highest ranking Taekwondo master in the world. He is currently ranked as 9th Dan by WTF. Based in Moncton, NB, he has been serving as the president of Canadian Haidong Gumdo Association since its inception. Master Chung is responsible for the growth of the art in Canada and he is in charge of the association membership.

Damon Goodwin – Vice President

Master Damon Goodwin has been actively training in Haidong Gumdo since mid-1990s when Haidong Gumdo was first introduced in Canada. He has been attending a number of world championships and has been bringing back many medals to Canada. Master Goodwin is currently teaching several schools in the Maritime provinces.

Master Gihm in 2012 World ChampionshipBrian Gihm – Technical Director

Master Brian Gihm has been training Haidong Gumdo since 1986 when there was just one Haidong Gumdo school in the world (which now boasts 1,000 school membership globally). He has been trained under the founding masters of Haidong Gumdo system, and he has been teaching the art since 1996.

As the technical director for the Canadian Haidong Gumdo Association, Master Gihm is responsible to ensure that the association members follow the standard training methods and curriculum, and to ensure that the instructors correctly understands the techniques.

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